Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Nina Browwn immersed herself in music at a very early age. The flute, guitar, and piano were her instruments of choice starting at the tender age of 10. Then came voice lessons in the Classical genre of Opera by the time she hit 16. (to this day Nina continues with her Opera singing to maintain the quality of her vocal range which is 3.5+ octaves). 


Browwn loves to mesh different styles of music to make it something truly new and unique while keeping true to the heart and soul that is R&B and Pop. She is inspired by some of the greats in the industry such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and Adele to name a few.


A writer as well as an accomplished singer, Nina is able to create such unique songs because of her lyrical content. As a child, Nina was always a great writer and always loved her creative writing classes because it gave her an outlet to express herself. When she was only 12 years old, she wrote her very first complete song entitled “Now You’re Gone” which she and her middle school music teacher wrote the chords to and she performed it at the school talent show that same year. Somewhat nervous because it was her first song and first time singing all alone on stage, she quickly felt very comfortable on stage and engaged the entire audience of classmates, parents, teachers and alumni. Everyone wanted to know how she came up with the song and how she was able to do it all by herself being that she was so young! Even her own parents were so surprised and couldn’t believe she came up with it all by herself, but she did. 


“Often times I think back to that little girl who was terrified on stage with butterflies in her stomach and feeling like I couldn’t breathe at first but then I saw all those faces looking at me and smiling, I knew this was where I belonged” said Nina in a recent interview. She also went on to say that her musical talent and inspiration comes from her maternal grandmother who had a beautiful voice as well and was even asked to sing on the radio in the early 1950s in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia where Nina was born.


"Many of my songs are personal experiences I have been through. I feel it is the best way to relate and connect with the song because it's something I know”.


Nina is back in the studio working on her new project with some of Canada's best to make something truly special. Working with Rob Wells of Fourth Floor Productions and team have really breathed new air into Nina’s work and she and the team have come up with some amazing new songs which are more in line with her natural sound and personality.


Make sure you look out for her new single dropping July 4th with the follow up single dropping mid-October 2018 and the new album which will be released in early 2019.


She will be down South promoting the soca remix to her new single in late summer on which she collaborated with big time soca artist Dynamite and the song really is fire. Also check her out in Europe this coming Spring for her debut European Tour.


“I want to thank all my fans and supporters who have stood by me all the years and encouraged me to pursue my dreams, none of this would have been possible without you, of that I am certain! My grandmother was my biggest supporter my whole life and although she is no longer with us, she still gives me strength every day! Love all of you and looking forward to seeing you soon! Nina Browwn

"Nina Browwn's vocals are
like futuristic sounds"

                                                             - MixMagazine

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